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Julian Acosta – Cinnamon (single)

Release Date: July 7, 2017
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Lyrics by Julian Acosta
Music by Julian Acosta and Antonio Romero

Julian Acosta – Guitar and Vocals.
Antonio Romero – Lead Guitar, Electric piano.
Ysaac Cohen – Bass.
Alex Morales – Drums.

Engineered and Produced by Antonio Romero
Mixed by Erik Aldrey
Mastered by Nick Landis

Album Review

"His howling vocals and slight gravel wade through the bluesy waters of his emotive songwriting while the elongated electric chords reverberate with a rocker’s persona. Acosta, along with bassist Elliot Morgan, carry the rhythm section while providing ample space for lead guitarist, Antonio Romero, to ring out seductive solos over drummer, Dave Johnson’s, shattering percussion."
- Track Rambler