Music is my Passion

I’ve been involved in music since I was 8 years old. My first instrument was the “cuatro”, sort of a venezuelan ukelele, and a couple of years later I picked up my first electric guitar and started to formally study the instrument.

As all teenage amateur musicians I began playing in garage bands with schoolmates, friends, and neighbors around my hometown, Caracas. I haven’t stopped playing since then and I could say music is second nature to me.

I ended up studying audio engineering & music production. After graduating, I began working for several record producers from whom I learned a lot while I engineered their sessions for international ad agencies and recognized brands.

For about ten years I worked in several TV stations and production companies in the audio post-production department, covering pretty much all positions from foley artist  and music editor, to sound designer and surround mix engineer.

I moved to Austin, TX in June 2013 looking for opportunities to develop my career as a composer, songwriter, producer, sound designer, or whichever  of the many hats I can wear in the industry and deliver the goods with success.

Thirty years after, many bands later, hundreds of guitar string sets broken and thousands of studio hours  experienced, I’m still doing what I love, playing music and creating sonic landscapes.